Staked plains

Er befindet sich im südöstlichen Teil von New Mexico und im nordwestlichen Teil von Texas und ist in dieser Gegend der südlichste Ausläufer der Great Plains, der . One of the largest mesas or tablelands on the North American continent, the elevation rises from 0feet (9m) in the southeast to over 0feet . Die übliche US-amerikanische Übersetzung Staked Plains ist falsch, richtig wäre Palisaded Plains. Denn Estacado hat nur indirekten Zusammenhang mit stake (= Pflock oder Pfahl), sondern heißt mit einer Palisade versehen. Der Name kommt daher, dass die ersten spanischen Eroberer, als sie .

There, on the flat table-top Caprock, where the sky looked like a big blue bowl turned upside down on a sea of green cotton or brown plowed soil, our roots ran deep . Define Staked Plains. Staked Plains synonyms, Staked Plains pronunciation, Staked Plains translation, English dictionary definition of Staked Plains. An extensive, semiarid plateau region of the southern Great Plains in southeast New Mexico, western Texas, and northwest Oklahoma.

In Walking the Llano: A Texas Memoir of Place, Shelley Armitage invites readers to consider the unique character and geology of the Staked Plains. Llano Estacado, also called Staked Plains , portion of the High Plains of the United States, along the Texas–New Mexico border. It covers an area of about 30square miles (70square km) and is bounded by the Canadian River valley (north), the “break of the plains” (east), the Edwards Plateau (south), and the . The grazing lands also.

To her husban an archaeologist at the local college, she seems little more than a sexual object. Querosa is in shambles. Farmhands and workers barely eke out . It fell to its knees then fought back on to its feet on the Cap Rock of the Staked Plains.

McLeod lay forward to help his horse, now up to its haunches in the raging current. Continuous flashes of lightning illuminated the scene as brightly as daytime, but in a much eerier light. Thus McLeod received his first sight of the Staked . From their vantage point on a high, wide escarpment . A new species of Pleistocene horse from the Staked Plains of Texas. Show full item record . To the eye perfectly level, but it is undulating, with long, imperceptible rolls. This dry grassland rises into one of the largest tabletop mesas in North America.

Daher auch der Name Staked Plains , abgesteckte Ebene. When buffalo-hide hunter, Quentin McLeo rescues Carlotta Mainord from Comanche raiders, their struggle is still far from over. They must face further hostility from the Indians.

Military Map of the Staked Plains.

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