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Read on for details, then download the demo! Hearts of Oak News for March and with a new Pre-Alpha Demo! This Demo has the distinction of being the . Fun, realistic gameplay on land and at sea, set during the Age of Sail, will provide extensive. Be sure to expand the comments to find a link to this release or visit piratesahoy.

It is that time again. A community for pirate themed games. This one happened a bit sooner than we expecte and there are a few issues with it, but our internal QA Team had so much fun playing with this one that we wanted to get it out to the general public as soon as possible!

This Pre-Alpha Demo also has the distinction of being the . Игра будет чем-то похожа на Корсары, только с еще более масштабным миром и возможностями. Играть вы будете роль отважного капитана, который . Вас ждут реалистичный геймплей на суше и на море, захватывающие сюжетные линии и впечатляющие мультиплеерные сценарии. Вы сможете исследовать . It will be a completely free historical free sailing game, that is being made by modders of a forum known for their work on Akella pirate games. Wait, modders making a game based on what they learned modding?

That sorta sounds familiar. Community, makers of the popular mods Pirates of the Caribbean: New Horizons and Age of Pirates 2: Gentlemen of Fortune, presents. Версия игры обновлена с v1.

Упрощенная боевая система, доба. A tech demo for July has been released. If you want to help with the testing of the game, might be a good thing to get involved in. Sedericus: unrelated but . We would love to hear your thoughts about the project, so feel free to give us your feedback below. Padraig John Robinson I think this game is my most anticipated of all time since God of War 2. Keep up the good work lads!

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