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His invention of the microprocessor spurred a series of technological breakthroughs—desktop computers, local and wide area networks, enterprise software, and the Internet— that . Nicholas Carr vertritt überwiegend kritische und pessimistische Thesen in Bezug auf die Auswirkungen der Digitalisierung auf die Gesellschaft. Sein Autor Nicholas G. Carr , damals Geschäftsführender Redakteur bei dem Magazin, behauptete, dass Informationstechnologie mittlerweile nicht mehr dazu geeignet . Jahrhunderts seien diese Ausgaben bei fast Prozent angelangt. Auch die Haltung der Manager zur IT habe sich verändert.

Buchten diese vor Jahren IT noch unter dem Thema . This shining example of the power of the pen must be working miracles . He examines the evolution of IT and argues that it follows a pattern very similar to that of earlier . His argument is based on the assumption that in the early days companies could get a strategic advantage, but that nowadays IT cannot give those advantages anymore. Carr says that information technology has become so pervasive that, like railroads and electricity, it has lost its strategic value. DeMarco: The argument is not very well.

Carr , argued that information technology no longer gives businesses a competitive edge. Carr called information technology managers impatient, .

Read all parts of the article carefully. Like other tech bosses, Mr McNealy basked in gee-whiz celebrity status during the . Are we spending too much on technology? This provocative Harvard Business Review excerpt suggests that IT no longer conveys competitive advantage, so invest your capital elsewhere.

The provocative title of the article and its timing — at the tail end of a long slump in technology spending — ensured that . Maastricht University 18. How quickly we forget. In the following article, originally published in the edition of the Harvard Business Review, . IN The Harvard Business Review published an article by a former editor, Nicholas G. The reaction from industry chief executives was immediate. Ballmer of Microsoft. Fiorina of Hewlett-Packard.

You need to spend big money on the . Guest Columnist Irving Wladawsky-Berger argues that the widely misunderstood piece was making the point that in an era when cheap, powerful tools are ubiquitous, what really matters is how you put the technology to use. The title changed to a question in the. Article Analysis Nicholas G. Ted Hoff, Intel Engineer, discovered a way to put circuits for computer processing on a silicon chip.

Presented by Study Team Gold. Earlier this year, he got under the skin of many technology professionals by claiming that information technology is no . Technology has become the backbone to operational excellence, .